The Brittany-Sam Relationship is the newly-found friendship between McKinley High seniors and New Direction members, Brittany Pierce and Sam Evans, also commonly known as Bram, Samttany or Pierevans.


Season TwoEdit


Brittany plays with Sam's hair during his performance of Baby.

Blame It on the AlcoholEdit

While the New Directions are playing "spin-the-bottle", Brittany's Spin lands on Sam, which is why they then are forced to kiss. They are, however, soon separated by Santana.

Season ThreeEdit


At the end of the Seniors' performance You Get What You Give, Sam is seen hugging Brittany as she leans her head in his shoulder.

Season FourEdit

Britney 2.0Edit

Sam gives Brittany a map that guides Brittany into the auditorium. Sam tells her that he thinks he knows what Brittany's bad actions from the past days mean: Namely that she's trying to get to her lowest in order to then be able to make a glorious comeback, like Britney Spears did. When they talk, Sam seems to be the only one besides Santana who understands Brittany, she says that is probably because they're both blonde. Brittany also tells him that she misses Santana, since Santana is her girlfriend and her best friend. Sam then offers Brittany to be a new friend to her. Brittany happily agrees to this.


Sam learns that Brittany chose Artie as her running mate for the student body president elections. He gets upset about it and asks Brittany why she didn't ask him. She says that she didn't want their friendship to end because if they lost they would've stopped talking to each other. She uses Sarah Palin and John McCain as an example, though she refers to John McCain as Sarah Palin's grandfather. They sing Celebrity Skin as a duet. Brittany is seen at Sam's and Blaine's after-party for winning the elections. She sits with Sam and Sam tells her that he voted for her, she smiles and says that he always knows what to say at the right time. He then says something in one of his impressions which then makes her laugh and she leans on his shoulder and he puts his arm around her.


  • They both have been shown stripping on the show.
  • They are the only current blonde New Directions' members.
  • They both have compasses to help guide them through McKinley.
  • They have both dated Santana



  • Celebrity Skin by Hole (Makeover)

Sang Together (In a Group Number)Edit

  • Marry You by Bruno Mars (Furt)
  • The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year by Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (A Very Glee Christmas)

Related SongsEdit

  • Baby by Justin Bieber (Comeback)
  • Summer Nights by Grease (Yes/No)
  • You Get What You Give by The Radicals (Goodbye)
  • In My Life by The Beatles (Goodbye)